30 days of commits on GitHub

January 20, 2016

So last month I decided to try something different, I decided to try to commit something on GitHub every day for 30 days.

Few days ago I was at my 30th day. In those 30 days I’ve committed around 45 times.

I’ve made a series of small improvements on an open source website I maintain, solved a few exercises from Google’s Python Class, and closed 3 simple bugs for Kuma, the project behind the Mozilla Developer Network.

Besides most commits being really simple changes, I’ve committed myself to only commit something that was useful for me or for others, no matter how small was the change, it needed to have some value in it.

On one commit I just updated the Django version, because I believe it has some value in terms of security. On another commit I just reworded something at a template from my open source project, it made clearer to people what they need to do, and any improvement for the usability of something have a great value for me. :)

I’m on my very first months continually working on web development, which most part was simple studying some broken and messy code that I need to rewrite for the project I’m working on in my job, so it was very satisfying to see that I’m able to help and give back to some nice open source project like Kuma.

From my small experience about getting involved in a Mozilla project I can only say wonderful things about the people there. Stephanie was really nice guiding me at my first PR, she even selected other bugs for me based on my interest, Rob was equally nice doing a very comprehensive review for one of my PRs.

After talking to other people in the Mozilla’s IRC channel, my admiration for the organization has only grew, what a pack of awesome and friendly people, with a very noble and important mission.

I begin my day at work at 7 am and leaves the office at 17 pm, besides that I’m attending the Henrique Bastos’s course and also trying to attend the gym frequently again. I may say that I haven’t a lot of free time so being able to keep the pace those 30 days was very refreshing.

Probably next weekend I’ll start working on another bug in Kuma, a small improvement for the usability in the wiki.

My next challenge, run 5 km.

So that’s it, see you soon!