My somewhat pragmatic approach towards pipenv

If you are a Python developer you probably have heard about pipenv already. It advertises itself as Python Development Workflow for Humans, the “for Humans” part should be a hint about who created it.

Pipenv surely has some nice features, but it also has others that I’m not interested. In this post, I intend to present the way I use it. I’ll try to illustrate how it fit my development workflow by sections.

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Concatenating column values in PostgreSQL with string_agg

PostgreSQL is an amazing database, no surprises here. But every now and then I discover an amazing little feature that I was missing, this week was the time to discover string_agg.

Suppose that you have two tables course and student and want to list every student enrolled in a given discipline.

Usually I did this with a quick Python script by grouping the course and than using than making a simple ', '.join(). With the aggregate string_agg function I now do it directly in the query.

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Using Chrome in headless mode with Selenium and Python

In my personal project, I have a few functional tests that cover most used features from an end user perspective.

Until now I’ve used Selenium and PhantomJS but starting with version 3.8.1 the support for PhantomJS is now deprecated and the recommendation is to run Firefox or Chrome in a headless mode.

I’m not a big fan of having important packages pinned for compatibility reasons and as soon as I got a bit of free time I decided to replace PhantomJS for Chrome and update Selenium to the latest version.

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[EN] What I’ve done in the last months

So, my last blog was on July and I’ll use this one to talk about a bit of the stuff I’ve been messing with in this time.

Open source stuff

If you look at my GitHub profile the activity in those last couple months or so was rather low.


Those green dots are mainly commits in my little side project pets, I worked on it doing internationalization and I hope that when it’s 100% done the project will be useful to more people. It was a very straightforward job, my only complain was the inconsistency between the compilemessages and makemessages commands. But this was fixed on Django 1.9 so when I upgrade the project to the next LTS release of Django everything will be cool here.

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[EN] Setting a custom maintenance page on nginx

I know we are living in the era of zero-downtime but, given my website user base and the fact that it’s really simple and small, I thought an old school “maintenance page” would be enough for me at the moment.

My deployment process is executed by a single command, so it’s quite stable and fast.

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[EN] Testing a model that have an ImageField

I have a project where there’s a model with a profile imagem field. This field is required.

I did not want to maintain an image file in the repository just for tests, so I decided to research other solutions.

Imagem file at model’s creation

I’ve created a helper method that returns an ImageField, which then I use at the object’s creation with the model’s manager:

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[PT] Testar upload de arquivo

English version here.

No meu projeto, tenho um modelo que possui uma imagem de perfil. Esse campo é de preenchimento obrigatório.

Como eu não queria manter uma imagem no repositório só para teste, resolvi pesquisar outras soluções.

Arquivo de imagem na criação do modelo

Eu criei um método auxiliar para criar um ImageField que uso quando crio um objeto diretamente pelo manager do modelo:

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[EN] 30 days of commits on GitHub

So last month I decided to try something different, I decided to try to commit something on GitHub every day for 30 days.

Few days ago I was at my 30th day. In those 30 days I’ve committed around 45 times.

I’ve made a series of small improvements on an open source website I maintain, solved a few exercises from Google’s Python Class, and closed 3 simple bugs for Kuma, the project behind the Mozilla Developer Network.

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[EN] I’m a web developer now

I’m going on an adventure


Three months ago I quitted my job as a Java developer and move out of desktop development for the first time.

Currently, I’m working as a web developer, both backend and frontend, at a university in my hometown. A lot of new things to learn, an environment completely new.

In this project, we are a team of two developers. The application is almost 15 years old and the source code is a disaster. All the developers that used to work in this project left the company almost at the same time.

When I decide to accept the job, our initial idea was to modernize the frontend stack, that was besides from using old technologies and have a completely messy code; and to restructure the backend code to better separate the responsibilities.

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